For abused, neglected, runaway, homeless, and trafficked youth, ages 16-22,

Safe Harbor Youth is a transitional living and support program providing everything they need
to overcome the trauma they have survived and build healthy lives as independent, thriving adults.

Who Are Safe Harbor Youth?

We take in youth who have been living on the streets, in shelters, couch surfing, in abusive or unstable homes, in jail or juvenile detention or trafficked. They may have run away from home, been abandoned, aged out of foster care, or grown up in families drowning in addition. Every participant has a unique story, and every one is traumatized and lacking resources and opportunities to create a good life, until they land safe with us.

Our youth are diverse, but due to systemic oppression and homophobia, youth of color and LGBTQ youth are more likely to need us. About 60% of our youth are Black, 10-15% Latinx, 10% multiracial, and 15- 20% white. Our area population, in contrast, is about 40% people of color. About 15% of our youth are trans or gender non-conforming and the others evenly split between young women and men. About 60% are from greater Huntsville and 90% from Alabama. After moving out, 95% stay near us, their new family.

What Does Safe Harbor Provide Youth?

We house up to 10 youth at a time and 20 to 30 each year. All youth staying with us:

• Are safe and loved.
• Have all basic needs cared for.
• Have 24-7 staff support.
• Attend individual and group therapy.
• Meet weekly with one-on-one adult mentors who have similar identities.
• Do community service and fun activities like hiking and fishing.
• Are guided to obtain legal IDs and health insurance.
• Are supported and tutored to earn a high school diploma/GED and go to trade school or community college to pursue a chosen career.
• Receive parenting classes if pregnant or parenting, and can have their children stay in our house with them.
• Celebrate birthdays, graduations, house warmings, baby showers, and holidays together.
• Learn practical skills like how to drive, manage and save money, buy and maintain a car, and buy or rent a house or apartment when ready to move out.

After moving out, youth:

• Receive therapy, mentoring, and tutoring with us for at least a year and indefinitely if desired.
• Finish trade school or community college.
• Have good jobs and homes and take care of themselves.
• Stay connected and continue to celebrate their milestones with us as desired.
• Can call us for assistance as needed.


Help us make a difference in the lives of our youth. Join us against abandonment, homelessness, and human trafficking. We need your support.



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