For trafficked, abused, neglected, runaway, and homeless youth ages 16-22,

Safe Harbor Youth is a transitional home and support program
providing everything they need to overcome the terrible trauma they have survived
and build healthy lives as independent, thriving adults.

Donate to Safe Harbor – Save Young Lives

Donate to Safe Harbor Youth
Safe Harbor saves lives. We take in young people who have never known lives without abuse and neglect,who have never been loved and cared for, whose loved ones have passed away or gotten lost in addiction or gangs that stole their ability to love. We take in young people who have been beaten, sold, or abandoned by their own families, who have been taught violence and hard drug use are normal, who have been pushed toward jail all their lives, who have almost overdosed or been killed numerous times.

Your donation gives these young people the chance to find out what a good life looks like and the tools to create one for themselves.

There are very few programs in the country that not only offer a safety net to young people who have been living nightmares, but take their hands and guide them all the way to a safe, healthy life … and then stay their family ever after.

Please set up an automated donation to give every month and help sustain Safe Harbor Youth or give whatever you can right now.

There are also many ways you can volunteer to help Safe Harbor, including a program you can use to fundraise among your friends and family by asking them to sponsor you to meet your personal or athletic goals, like we help our youth do.

If you represent a business, please take a look at our sponsorship page to learn about financial and supporting sponsorship opportunities.


Help us make a difference in the lives of our youth. Join us against abandonment, homelessness, and human trafficking. We need your support.



Donate to Safe Harbor Youth